Car insurance frequently asked questions

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For how long am I entitled to a discount on my services?

When you use our service to compare plans, the quotations you get will be valid until the start date you choose.

Please tell me the length of my insurance.

Temporary and short-term policies provide coverage for a specified period of time rather than a whole year.

Why should I compare prices?

Customers may save between £213 and $234 by comparing insurance quotes online instead of going straight to insurers, according to a recent study.

Over half of our clients discover the best discounts on standard quotations when compared to other comparison sites.

How many different service providers are you evaluating?

To guarantee that our consumers get the best possible price, we compare quotations from a panel of 36 of the market’s top suppliers.

What’s the point of providing you with my cell phone number?

The insurance company must include your phone number in your policy since it is a necessary piece of information.

Don’t worry, we won’t give out your contact information to anybody unless you specifically request that we do so.

What’s the use of knowing my home address?

Besides being required for your policy paperwork, your address and location will affect the cost of your insurance since the danger of auto theft differs from town to town.

It is possible that a post code submitted into our form is incorrect. We’ll be able to provide you with an exact price quotation if you only input a nearby postcode.

What’s the point of finding out whether I’m a smoker?

If you smoke, your insurance premiums will rise somewhat. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly because smoking while driving and doing so with your hands reduces your ability to pay complete attention to the road.

Insurance premiums have risen as a result of the greater risk of abrupt health issues, such as death or unconsciousness.

I’m being informed that I’ve made a mistake in my answer?

Errors are shown in red on our form so that you can quickly and easily repair them if they have been made.

What kind of insurance are offered?

Third-party only; third-party, fire, and theft; and fully comprehensive are the primary types of coverage offered to drivers.

Your own property and the property of anybody else will be covered by third-party only insurance. Someone else’s automobile, a wall, or even occupants in another car might all be at risk if you smash into them.

Third-party, fire, and theft (TPFT) insurance provides additional coverage in the event of a fire, theft, or attempted theft of your vehicle.

All of the following are covered under a fully comprehensive policy, however the details of what is covered differ from provider to provider.

What gives with my policy’s high price tag?

The cost of your coverage may be affected by a variety of factors, making it more costly.

Some examples include: the driver’s age and gender; where they reside; how much driving experience they have; any prior convictions they may have; the worth of their vehicle; and so on.

Excess and premiums are the same thing, right?

Premiums and excess are the two methods through which you pay for your coverage.

The cost of your insurance is mostly determined by the amount of money you pay in premiums on a regular basis (monthly or yearly).

If a claim is made against you, you will be responsible for paying the excess. There are two types of excess: voluntary and mandatory.

The amount established by the insurer as your “compulsory excess” must be paid by you.

Even while it may be tempting to lower your voluntary excess to zero, keep in mind that a larger voluntary excess will save you money on your premium.

What should I do now that my automobile has been totaled?

You’ll need to file a claim if you’ve been in a car accident. You’ll have to contact the authorities and your insurance provider and provide them with as much information as you can.

Fill out the paperwork your insurance provider has given you and send it back along with any images you may have taken of any damage.

My insurance premiums went up after I relocated to a new neighborhood.

Insurers perceive certain regions to be more secure than others when it comes to auto theft.

As a result of the greater possibility that the insurer may be forced to make a claim when you live in a high-risk location, your insurance premiums will rise.

You may also cut the cost of your coverage in many ways. Learn how to save money by checking out our how-to articles.

Why is my insurance premium increasing?

The cost of insurance premiums might vary widely from year to year. Because of this, you may still see your insurance premiums rise even if you’ve earned a no-claims discount.

When it comes to renewing your policy, the easiest way to prevent this is to shop about and compare quotes online to ensure that you’re always taking advantage of the most affordable insurance on the market.

Is there a reason why insurance premiums for teenage drivers are higher?

Drivers under the age of 25 are considered higher risk consumers by insurance carriers, and the premiums they pay reflect this.

In the United Kingdom, drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 account for 30 percent of all deaths on the road. As a result of stats like these, young drivers are seeing their premiums rise and many are turning to black-box insurance coverage.

Does the kind of vehicle I drive have an impact on the cost of my insurance?

You’ll have to pay more for your insurance based on the vehicle you drive.

Your vehicle will be classified into one of 50 different categories. Insuring a car in a lesser insurance category will save you money, and the reverse is also true.

Based on characteristics such as engine size and power, and the cost of maintenance, the groups are arranged.

I’m jobless, so why does my insurance cost more?

The cost of insurance is higher for jobless drivers than for working drivers, with some studies estimating an average rise of up to 30%.

Unemployed drivers may rack up a lot of miles and leave their vehicle in strange places while they seek for work, and they may also be more likely to submit a false claim on their insurance policy if this is the case.

Are women’s insurance premiums less expensive than men’s?

In the past, data indicated that women were less likely to be involved in car accidents, therefore they were given preferential treatment when it came to insurance rates.

Women may now expect to pay the same amount as males for their insurance policies because to legislation passed by the European Court of Justice in 2012.

Is it possible to keep my no-claims bonus?

The answer is yes, you may pay to safeguard your no-claims discount so that you can make two at-fault claims in the course of the year without losing your discount.

In order to keep your discount, you may be required by certain insurers to maintain a no-claims history of at least four years.

My insurance coverage hasn’t started yet, will I be penalized?

So long as you have confirmation of the transaction, you should be allowed to terminate your insurance coverage if you, say, sell your automobile before the term is up.

In certain cases, if you sell your car and don’t buy a new one for six months, you may suspend your policy so that you don’t have to pay for the six months and can resume it when you buy a new car.

If I switch insurance companies, can I maintain my no-claims discount?

If you switch insurance carriers at the conclusion of your contract, you may usually maintain your no-claims discount. If you cancel your policy before the end of the year, you won’t be able to take advantage of the fact that you didn’t file a claim.